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Photon Torpedo

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Category: 🕶️ Cool WiFi Names

Photon torpedoes (from Star Trek) are torpedoes where the explosion is caused by the reaction of matter with antimatter. They were standard equipment for Federation, Klingon, and other species spaceships in the 23rd and 24th centuries. Klingons already used the photon torpedoes in the 22nd century. Photon torpedoes can be fired at warp speed and in flight with quantum slipstream propulsion.

The shell of a standard torpedo housing consists of gamma-expanded Duranium, which is surrounded by a layer of plasma-connected terminals. In the same source, the tactical range of the torpedoes between 15 and approximately 3,500,000 km is given when the torpedo is used at sub-light speed. Working start activation sequencers are required to fire a photon torpedo. If these fail, the signal can be redirected through the control console, at least on ships of the Intrepid class.

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