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1.Jedi base
2.Be happy
3.You can if you think you can
4.Corona Blues
5.Wifi Lockdown
6.Lady Gaga
7.Help, I'm locked up
8.Time machine
9.Antimatter WiFi
10.The Yeti is here
11.Invisible WiFi
12.Fraud WiFi
13.Alternative facts
14.Elvis is alive!
15.HELP, I forgot the Wifi-Key
16.Loch Ness Monster
17.UFO above your house
18.Alien spacecraft
19.Flying Saucer
20.Extraterrestrial Wifi
21.This Wifi is not real
22.US Moon landing film studio
23.Illuminati headquarter
24.Safeguard Complex
25.Bigfoot Hotspot
26.Probably Wifi
27.Hoax WiFi
28.Nerd, strange & akward
29.Be a proton - stay positive
30.I am not your F1 button
31.Loading... Please wait
32.Toxic network
33.I came. I purred. I conquered.
34.Social Distancing Expert
35.Meow's It Goin'
36.Please reboot your device now.
37.Press any key to continue
38.Think #00FF00
39.Simply #FF0000
40.Fluff off!
42.Sane cat lady!
43.Nine lives are not enough.
44.Be PAWsitive
45.Catch me if you can
46.I'm one with the Wifi
47.Wifi! Unlimited Wifi!
48.The Phantom Wifi
49.The Wifi will be with you
50.A new day, a new beginning
51.Stay on target
52.Queen Cat Mom
54.I work hard for my cat
55.Cat Mom
56.Best friends for life
57.Crazy Cat Lady
58.Yaneeda Horgasim
59.D&D Vortex
61.Secret Intelligence Service
62.On Her Majesty's SSID
63.The Killer Robot Instability
64.Spoiler Alert
65.Emotion Detection Automation
66.Stockholm Syndrome
67.Forbidden Planet
68.Cats rule the world
69.P. Galore
70.Cute Kitty Home
71.All you need is love & a cat
72.You’re cutty
73.2311 North Los Robles Avenue
74.Apartment 4A
75.Broken Elevator
76.Oh, my dear Wifi - I missed you!
77.The chosen Wifi
80.The Dark Side
81.I find yr lack of Wifi disturbing
83.United Federation of Planets
84.Higgs Boson Observation
85.Paintball Scattering
86.Dagobah lamp
87.Helix Nebula
88.Cheesecake Factory
89.Fun With Flags
90.Penny is a freeloader
91.Penny get your own Wifi
92.Bond girl
93.I must be dreaming
94.I think you got the point
95.Shocking, positively shocking
96.Dr. WiFi
97.From WiFi with Love
98.Diamonds Are Forever
99.The Man with the Golden WiFi
100.Licence to WiFi
101.WiFi Never Dies
102.WiFi Royale
103.WiFi Another Day
105.No Time to WiFi
106.Miss WiFipenny
108.Take me
109.Aston Martin WiFire
110.Everybody needs a hobby
111.The Old-Fashioned Wifi
113.Shaken not Stirred
114.Quantum of WiFi
115.Funny Dog
116.Space Cruiser WiFi
117.The Hocotate Ship
118.Puddle Jumper
119.SpaceX Dragon 2
120.USS Enterprise NCC-1701
121.Planet Express Ship
122.Moon Rocket
123.Battlestar Galactica
124.Attack Ball
125.Borg Cube WiFi
128.Space Shuttle
129.USSC Discovery One
130.Ho Lee Fuk
131.Hu Yu Fa King
132.York Hunt
133.I want to watch
134.I love you
135.I love the way you moan
137.Han Yolo
138.Light saber
139.Session has expired
140.Free virus
141.Network is forbidden
142.Leia Organa SoLAN
143.Clone wifi
144.KyLAN Ren
145.Jedi Master
146.Death Star Exhaust Port Control
147.Ewoks E-Fi
148.Router far, far away
149.Star wars resistance
150.Jerusalema Challenge
152.Iva Biggun
153.Gabe Itch
154.Surf me, Beauty!
155.Do whatever you want to me.
156.Touch me
157.This is my happy place
158.I want your WiFi
159.Come as you are
160.BB-8 Wifi
161.I’m Riding Solo
162.Darth Wifi
163.The Dark Side of Wifi
164.Ewokie Talkies
165.Secret Rebel Base on Hoth
166.Wi-Fi Walker
167.It’s my Galaxy
168.Padawan Wi-Fi
169.Wi-Fi destroyers
170.Rey of Wi-Fi
171.Belkin’s Cloud City
172.The Hutts’ Wi-Fi
173.Dark Wifi Lord
174.Better Wifi
176.Beautiful Wifi
178.Wifi of inner peace
179.Wifi from hell
180.I am your router, Luke
181.Peace begins with a smile
182.Power of love
183.Damn good looking Boy
184.Covid Virus Sequencer
185.King of the castle
186.Justin Ass
187.Now, Skywalker, you will Wifi
188.Mad House
189.Wifi Fever
190.Gogo Girls
191.The lucky guy
192.Hot & Spot
193.Biontech Secret Labs WIFI
194.Keep on Runnin
195.Late Night Munchies
196.Free lunch
197.Love is the way
198.I drink Lava Lamps
199.RIP Net Neutrality
200.Fake Wifi

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