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Babe Cave

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Category: 💋 Sexy WiFi Names


A poem about a babe cave
In a babe cave deep within the earth,
A secret hideaway of joy and mirth,
A place where babes can play and sleep,
Safe and sound, in a cozy heap.
The walls are soft and warm to the touch,
The air is sweet, without a harsh clutch,
The light is dim, but just enough to see,
The beauty and love that surrounds thee.
Babes crawl and roll and laugh and sing,
In this special place, their hearts take wing,
They explore and discover, with wonder and glee,
The magic and joy of the babe cave, you and me.
So come, let us enter this sacred space,
A refuge of love, a warm and safe place,
Where the babes can grow and learn and thrive,
In the comfort and care of the babe cave alive.

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