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Some Like It Hot

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Category: 🎬 Movie WiFi Names

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February 1929 in the city of Chicago . Joe ( Tony Curtis ) is a feckless saxophonist, gambler, and ladies' man; His friend Jerry ( Jack Lemmon ) is a dim-witted, no-nonsense double bass player. They accidentally witness the St. Valentine's Massacre ; when discovered by gangsters, led by "Spats" Colombo ( George Raft ), they are forced to flee for their lives. Penniless and in dire need of getting out of town, the two musicians take a job with Sweet Sue (Joan Shawlee) and her Society Syncopators, an all-female jazz band headed to Miami .. Disguised as women under the names Josephine and Daphne, they embark on a train with the rest of the band, and even before boarding they both notice the explosive singer and ukulele player Sugar Kane ( Marilyn Monroe ).

Joe and Jerry fall for Sugar and compete for her affections while trying to keep up their disguises. Sugar confides that she doesn't want to hear about jazz saxophonists, that they broke her heart in the past, and that she has set her sights on finding a sweet and loving millionaire in Florida. During the clandestine parties that take place on the train at night, Josephine and Daphne become close friends with Sugar, always careful to remember that they are supposed to be women and cannot approach her with any other intentions.

Once in Miami, Joe lures Sugar by assuming a second guise as Junior, the millionaire Shell Oil heir, while pretending not to be interested in her. On the other hand, a real millionaire, the mature and framed Osgood Fielding III, ( Joe E. Brown), tries again and again to flirt with Daphne, who rejects him as best she can. Osgood invites Daphne to a champagne dinner on her yacht. Joe convinces Jerry to, as Daphne, keep Osgood busy on land while Junior takes Sugar to the yacht as his own. Once there, Junior explains to Sugar that she is impotent as a result of psychological trauma, but that she would marry anyone who could solve her problem. Sugar tries to get some kind of sexual response from Junior, and throughout the night she starts to get it. Meanwhile, Daphne and Osgood dance until dawn. When Joe and Jerry meet back at the hotel, Jerry explains that Osgood has proposed to Daphne and that he, that is, she, has accepted, anticipating an immediate divorce and substantial compensation as soon as the deception is exposed,

Meanwhile, the hotel is the venue for a gathering of "Friends of the Italian Opera", actually gangsters including Spats and his Chicago gang , who recognize Joe and Jerry as the witnesses to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.fled. Joe and Jerry, fearing for their lives, prepare to leave the band and leave Miami, but before Joe, disguised as Junior, says goodbye to Sugar, telling her that he has to marry a woman chosen by his father and that he is moving to live in Venezuela. Later, dressed as Josephine, he sees Sugar on stage, singing that she will never fall in love with her again, and kisses her before walking off. At that moment, Sugar realizes that Joe, Josephine, and Junior are the same person. After the performance is over, he runs offstage and arrives at the pier just as Osgood's motorboat is leaving for the yacht with Joe, Jerry, and Osgood on board. Joe tells Sugar that he's not what she deserves, but she loves him anyway. In the bow of the boat Jerry, still dressed as Daphne, he gives Osgood a number of reasons why she can't marry him, from infertility to smoking. Osgood rejects them one by one; he loves Daphne and is determined to marry her. With no other options, Jerry removes his Daphne wig and, in a masculine voice, yells, "I'm a man," to which Osgood replies, "Well, nobody's perfect."

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