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Category: 🎬 Movie WiFi Names

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New York , 1985 . Two men, eyeing each other as they watch a wrestling match in Madison Square Garden, right in the underground parking lot of the building they begin to duel furiously to the edge of the sword. One of the two finally manages to kill the other, decapitating him, and immediately afterwards is hit by a powerful discharge of energy emitted by the corpse of the defeated. Upon the arrival of the police, alerted by the sudden electrical disturbance caused by the absorption of the discharge, the man tries to flee, but is nevertheless stopped not far from the scene of the collision and taken to the police station, where the agents present interrogate him in about the decapitated corpse: the man, an antiques dealer named Russell Nash, is in fact suspected of having killed his opponent to take his sword, a weapon of extremely rare and inestimable value. However, Nash will be released a few hours later due to insufficient evidence. Theforensic technician Brenda J. Wyatt, together with the police investigations into this matter, recovers some splinters of Nash's sword and discovers that the dating of the weapon is incompatible with the era to which the manufacturing technique dates back: according to the analyses, in fact Nash's sword, a katana , was made at least a thousand years before his forging technique was invented . Brenda, determined to find out more, follows Nash and finds herself involved in a duel between the antique dealer and a certain Victor Kruger, who is also armed with a sword; the intervention of the police forces Kruger to beat a retreat. Nash orders Brenda to abandon the investigation, after which he returns home, where he recalls his past.

Scotland , 1536 . Connor MacLeod , a Highland warrior , is mortally wounded by a knight allied with the rival Clan of Frasers . However, Connor miraculously recovers and the MacLeods , terrified and convinced that Connor has made a pact with the devil , drive him away. Five years later, Connor, who has rebuilt his life elsewhere and lives happily with his wife Heather, is approached by a strange individual, who introduces himself as Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez , Spanish master of arms, who seems to know everything on him. Ramírez reveals to him that Connor is an immortal, just like him who in fact confesses to him that he is actually anancient Egyptian living for several centuries, and that there are many others like them in the world: all the immortals are destined to fight each other and when there are only a few left, the last ones will go to a distant land, where they will take part in a Gathering in which they will fight for a final Reward. Kurgan , the warrior who mortally wounded Connor years earlier, is also an immortal and represents the dark side of their lineage: if Kurgan gets the Reward, the world will be doomed to destruction. Ramírez trains Connor in the use of weapons and instructs him in the powers of the immortals, who can only die by decapitation and are incapable of procreation, but is ultimately killed by Kurgan. Connor takes his friend's sword, a katana made in 593 BC. by the great blacksmith Masamune , and on the death of Heather, who died of old age, he sets out in search of the other immortals, assuming many identities over the centuries, including the last one that of Russell Nash.

New York , 1985. Connor defeats one of the last remaining immortals, Iman Fasil, in a duel at Madison Square Garden, while Kurgan, now calling himself Victor Kruger, kills the African immortal Sunda Kastagir, also a very old friend of his. Connor and the Kurgan are now the last ones left to fight for the Reward. Connor is forced to reveal her true identity to Brenda when the woman, investigating the transfer of ownership of her house, discovers evidence of her immortality. Brenda and Connor fall in love, and Kurgan kidnaps Brenda to force the Scotsman to face him. In the end, Connor manages to kill Kurgan and finally obtains the Reward: a mortal life, the possibility of having children and the power to advise the minds of the mighty of the Earth, thus ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity for humanity.

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