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Bang Boom Bang

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Category: 🎬 Movie WiFi Names

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Casual crook Keek is in trouble after he gambled away much of the loot from a bank robbery on horse bets, even though the money was due to his jailed pal Karlheinz "Kalle" Grabowski. He did not betray Keek on the condition that he would get 90% of the loot after his release from prison. While he was still in prison, Kalle ordered a Mercedes 500 SEC of dubious origin from petty criminal Ratte for 40,000 DM, which Keek was supposed to pick up. Since there is currently no money for the body, Keek conned a Danish gang of car dealers with false 200 DM bills that he got from his buddy Hilmi. Meanwhile, in prison, Kalle is watching a porn film Keek has brought with him, which Keek's friend Franky made. However, when Kalle sees his wife Manuela in action with Franky in the porn, he freaks out and escapes from prison. A little later, he unexpectedly shows up at Keek's doorstep to pick up his Mercedes and take revenge on Franky. Together with Keek, Kalle makes his way to Franky's video store, where the porn studio is located in the basement. On the street in front of the building he sees the unsuspecting Franky and runs him over in cold blood. Kalle then goes into hiding with Keek, who is now looking for a way to get the money for Kalle as quickly as possible.

The next evening, the alcohol-addicted Schlucke is supposed to break into his trucking company on his boss Werner Kampmann's behalf and fake a break-in because Kampmann wants to cheat the insurance company. Kampmann has already sold the goods he has stored, which are laptops, to Romanian fences. However, Schlucke boasted about "his plan", which supposedly has a lot to gain, which means that Ratte also found out about it and Keek sees his chance to get the money for Kalle. The following night, Schlucke and Rat, together with Keek and his friend, the car mechanic Andy, sneak into Kampmann's company premises and break into the warehouse. Andy is against the burglary from the start because it means he misses his appointment with Kampmann's trainee Melanie. When they finally find the warehouse empty, they turn to the safe in the trucking company's office, which Keek drills open. However, it only contains files.

Schlucke has suddenly disappeared and the rat also takes off. Now Andy is freaking out about the senseless burglary, for which he missed his date. Out of anger about the messy evening, he kicks the open safe door, which slams shut, severing Keek's thumb in the process. This is now in the safe, which can no longer be opened. Without further ado, they tie a chain around the safe and rip it out of its anchorage with Keek's car in order to drag it to Andy's boss Willi's workshop. On the way, they are flashed with the safe in tow, whereupon Andy unleashes his anger and demolishes the flash box. Andy's boss is finally able to burn open the safe and then makes it disappear, while Keek has Andy drive him to the hospital and have his finger sewn back on. Andy also learns from the vault files that his “fatherly friend” and president of his Kampmann football club let him believe he had an irreparable knee injury in order to collect money from an insurance company.

The next day, Keek and Andy try to blackmail Kampmann with the files from his vault. After a failed transfer of money - Kampmann cheats on the two with a suitcase full of old newspapers - Andy freaks out again and kicks the trunk of Keek's mint-green Ford Taunus. Both are horrified when the tailgate opens after the kick and they discover the dead swallow in the trunk. After burying him in the woods, they go to Ratt, believing that he killed Swallows. According to his account, however, Schlucke choked. Keek and Andy find out that when Schlucke broke into the vault, he took the key to a locker and was caught by the rat. In order to make the key disappear, Schlucke probably tried to swallow it and choked on it. Keek and Andy then dig up Schlucke's body and actually find the key. Kampmann's black money from the business with the Romanians is in the locker at Dortmund Airport, which is why he is already there with his son Mark and keeps an eye on the lockers.

There is a showdown at the airport: Keek and Andy meet both Kalle and Kampmann at the lockers. In the chaos that ensued, Kampmann was shot by Kalle, after which Kalle was shot again by plainclothes investigators who had been watching him. Kampmann's black money is not found in the locker, but only a sports bag full of erotic magazines, which is why Keek and Andy appear to be innocent.

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