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Blade Runner

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Blade Runner Image
Blade Runner Image

In Los Angeles , in November 2019 , an overconfident blade runner —Dave Holden ( Morgan Paull )—is shot while performing the Voight-Kampff test on Leon Kowalski ( Brion James ), a fugitive replicant on the run. Land.

A former blade runner , Rick Deckard ( Harrison Ford ), is at Howie Lee the Master of Sushi's ( Bob Okazaki ) "The White Dragon Noodle Bar" when he is tracked down by Gaff ( Edward James Olmos ). He tells him that Captain Harry Bryant ( M. Emmet Walsh ), his former boss, wants to see him. Hesitantly, he meets with Bryant, who informs him that the recent Nexus-6 replicant leak is the worst yet. Bryant describes the replicants to Deckard: Roy Batty ( Rutger Hauer ) is a soldier and the leader of the group, Leon is a soldier and laborer, Zhora Salome ( Joanna Cassidy) was trained for a criminal arrest patrol in the outside world, and Pris Stratton ( Daryl Hannah ) is a "basic pleasure model." Bryant also explains that the Nexus-6 model has a limited life of four years as a safeguard against its unstable emotional development.

Deckard is then accompanied by Gaff to the Tyrell Corporation to verify that the Voight-Kampff test works with Nexus-6 models. There, Deckard discovers that Rachael ( Sean Young ), the young secretary of Dr. Eldon Tyrell ( Joe Turkel ), is an experimental replicant, with implanted memories of Tyrell's niece that allow her to have an emotional basis, despite the fact that she thinks she's human.

Deckard and Gaff break into Leon's room at the Yukon Hotel while he and Roy force Hannibal Chew ( James Hong ), a genetic eye designer, to send them with JF Sebastian ( William Sanderson ), as he can allow them to get to Tyrell. Later, Rachael visits Deckard at her apartment to prove to him that she is human, but he runs away in tears upon learning that her memories are not real. Pris meets Sebastian and takes advantage of his kindness to gain entry to his apartment.

After analyzing with the Esper machine a photograph found in Leon's room, the clues lead Deckard to the animoid flea market, where he is summoned by a Cambodian woman ( Kimiko Hiroshige ) to the snake maker Abdul Ben Hassan ( Ben Astar ). He informs her that he sold the artificial animal to Taffey Lewis' ( Hy Pyke ) nightclub The Snake Pit. There, the tattooed Zhora performs her show with a snake. After assaulting Deckard, Zhora desperately tries to run from him through the crowded streets, but Deckard manages to catch up with her and "removes" her from her. After the shooting, Gaff and Bryant show up and inform Deckard that Rachael needs to be "retired" as well. Conveniently, the blade runnerhe watches Rachael in the distance but, as he follows her, Leon suddenly disarms him, and he is beaten up. Rachael shoots Leon with Deckard's own blaster , saving his life. They then head to Deckard's apartment and during an intimate conversation, she tries to leave abruptly, but Deckard stops her by making him kiss her.

Meanwhile, Roy arrives at Sebastian's apartment and uses Pris' charm to convince him to help him meet with Tyrell. Already in Tyrell's room, Roy demands that he prolong his life, but he tells him that it is impossible to do so. Roy admits that he has done "questionable things", but Tyrell praises his advanced design and his accomplishments in his short life. He then kills Tyrell and Sebastian.

Deckard is sent to Sebastian's apartment after the murders. There, Pris ambushes him, although Deckard manages to shoot him after a struggle. Roy returns, trapping Deckard in the apartment, and begins chasing him through the Bradbury Building until he reaches the roof. Deckard tries to escape by jumping onto another building, hanging from a beam. Roy crosses easily and stares at Deckard. As he falls off the beam, Roy grabs him by the wrist, saving his life. Roy is deteriorating very quickly (his four years of his life are running out), he sits down and eloquently recounts the great moments of his life concluding: "All those moments will be lost in time like tears in rain .". It's time to die". Roy dies letting go of a pigeon he is holding in his hands, while Deckard watches him in silence. Gaff arrives soon after, and storming off, yells at Deckard, "Too bad she can't live, but who does she live?"

Deckard returns to his apartment and carefully enters when he notices that the door is ajar. There he finds Rachael, alive. As they leave, Deckard notices an origami unicorn that Gaff has left on the ground (a sign, if nothing else, that he's allowed them to escape). Finally, the couple heads into an uncertain future.

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