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⛔ Refusing WiFi Names

#WiFi name📋
1.404 Not Found
3.Black spot
5.Busy, Try again Later!
6.Call 911 and get the password
7.Click here if you want a virus!
8.Connected, Secured
9.Connection Lost
10.Connection Out of Range
11.Connection timed out
12.Corrupt Signal
13.Damn Wifi
14.Danger Zone
15.Definitely Not Wifi
16.Device Battery Low
17.Don’t ask for the password
18.Don’t join
19.Dummy Wifi
21.Error in connection
22.Fb, youtube etc are blocked
23.Free if you find the password
24.Free virus available
25.Get off my LAN
26.Get Your Own
28.Global Defense Network
29.Go Home Tourists
30.Government restricted wifi
32.Hacked Again
33.Hacked Wifi
34.Herpes Positive
35.Hidden Network
36.Hidden secret
37.Homeland Security
38.I Spy With WiFi
39.Illusion of free internet
40.Jack Tripper
41.Join at your own risk
42.Join Other Network...
44.Limit Exceeded
45.Looking For Password ??
46.Low Bandwidth
47.My wifi lulu
48.Network error
49.Network is down
50.Network is forbidden
51.Network Not Found
53.Never gonna give you wifi
54.No connection
55.No Internet Access
56.No LAN for the Wicked
57.No Signal
58.Nonsense WiFi
60.Not Free Public WiFi
61.Not In Range
62.Not In Use
63.Not the Wifi You’re Looking For
64.Not Your Wifi
66.Only for Apple
67.Out Of Order Try Later
68.Out of service
71.Password Wrong
72.Pay For use
73.Please, don’t ask for the Password
74.Poop Emoji
75.Private Wifi
77.Really unsecure
78.Recycle Bin
79.Red Flag
81.Router Failure
82.Save Wifi Use Lan…
83.Server Error
84.Service Interrupted
85.Session has expired
87.Shutting Down
89.Stupid WiFi
90.Syntax Error
92.The Internet is not working
93.The passwort is: *******
94.This is not For Public
95.Time Bomb
96.Traffic Sniffer
97.Tripper here
98.Try at your own risk
99.Under Maintenance
100.Unknown Device
101.Unsecure WiFi
102.Untrusted Network
103.Use at your own risk
104.Very Slow
105.Very Unstable WiFi
106.Virus Thrower
108.We has herpes
109.Wifi is OFF
110.WiFi not ready
111.WiFi Unavailable
113.You have been blocked
114.You Shall Not Connect
115.You Will Regret This
116.You're blacklisted
117.You’ve been Infected
118.Your session has expired!

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