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🌌 Star Wars WiFi Names

#WiFi name📋
1.A long time ago...
2.AdmiraLAN Ackbar
3.Alderaan Infotainment Uplink
4.Anakin Skyrouter
5.Archeon Nebula Wi-fi Galaxy
6.AT-AT WiFi Walker
8.BB-8 bandwidth bridge
10.Captain LANdo
11.Cave Of Evil
13.Chewie, we're home
14.Darth TyLANus
15.Darth Vader’s Spacecraft
16.Death Star Gunner
17.Death Star Interwebs
18.Death Star Wireless Zone
19.Docking Bay 94
21.Episode I - The LAN Menace
22.Episode II - Attack of the routers
23.Episode III - Revenge of the Internet
24.Episode IV - A new LAN
25.Episode V - The LAN strikes back
26.Episode VI - Return of the LAN
27.Episode VII - The LAN awakens
28.Episode VIII - The Last LAN
29.Fast WiFi you have
30.First Order
32.I am a Sith Lord
33.I am one with the Internet
34.I am your WiFi, Luke
35.Imperial Fleet Headquarter
36.Imperial Starfleet Commander
37.Imperial Starfleet Dialup Link
38.It's a trap
39.Jar Jar Linksys
40.LAN Solo
41.LANdo Calrissian
42.LANgo Fett
43.Let the WiFi-key win
44.Luke Skyrouter
45.May the 4th be with U
46.May the WiFi be with you
47.Millennium Falcon
48.Millennium Falcon Speedlink
50.New Empire
51.Not the droids u are looking for
52.Not the network yr looking for
53.Obi WLAN Kenobi
54.Old Republic
55.Padme AmidaLAN
57.R2D2 Serial Bus
58.Rebel WiFi
59.Red 5 Hyperswitch
60.Red Leader Standing By
62.Sky Wars
64.Solo - A LAN wars story
65.Star Destroyer
66.Star Wi-Fighter
67.The Emperor
68.The Force
69.The Internet is with me
70.The LAN of No Return
71.The LAN Wars
72.The Last Jedi
73.The Last WiFi
74.There is always a bigger wifi
75.Tie Wi-Fighter
77.Wing-Fi Bomber
79.X-Ping vs. WiFighter
81.Youtube Joda
82.Zeta Class Imperial Shuttle

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